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Help Fight the Aussie Fight!

It is all over the news, we can't deny it. It's sad, Very Sad what's happening in Australia. Over twenty people have died and thousands of homes have been lost, hundred of thousands of hectares have burned and millions of species are gone.

In regards to the vineyards, there are "concerns regarding smoke taint across a number of regions in NSW...a series of fire and smoke workshops across the state to advise our growers and winemakers about the challenges of smoke and the possibility to test for any damage are currently underway." "While no wine related fundraising effort has been set up in New South Wales, Barnes encourages those that wish to help those affected to buy bottles of New South Wales and Queensland wines - Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas." Angus Barnes, executive officer of the New South Wales Wine Industry Association (

The state of affairs deeply saddens me. There are people without proper living conditions lacking food, water and clean air. Livestock and wildlife are perishing. What can you do to help?

The NSW Rural Fire Service accepts direct financial contributions from the public. Local RFS brigades rely heavily on volunteers and contributions from their communities to sustain their efforts. You can use your credit card to donate to a local brigade. Donations can also be accepted via bank transfer or cheque/money order. Follow this link:

NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES), a not-for-profit where trained volunteers rehabilitate injured wildlife, is also accepting donations to help pay for things including food, medical supplies and vet fees. Follow this link:

The Victorian Bushfire Appeal is raising money to go towards communities in need.

Of course, there are many other ways to donate, these are just a few loyal places.

Any thing helps!!


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