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Wine Consultation 

In search of advice? Looking for recommendations? The Local Cellar has the ability to assist with personalized suggestions for building your cellar, helping you find you find what you are exactly looking for or creating wine lists for your business.

We strive for success and have a comprehensible background of knowledge to help you get what you want. 

At The Local Cellar, we are honest, dedicated and educated in all areas of wine (or spirits). 

Tailoring a personal cellar can come with its challenges; understanding vintages, cellaring times, temperature control or knowing what's on trend and where certain wines are going.  All this can take time to learn, but with the assistance of well-trained and educated expertise, those concerns can come at ease.

Thinking of modifying your wine list at the restaurant? Let us help with that.  The Local Cellar can curate something for any style of needs.  With a profession as a Product Consultant at the flagship BC Liquor Store in Victoria, there is knowledge and accessibility to source products within minutes.  Knowing when and if product is available and for how long is essential for keeping a list active.

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