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Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are a fun and interactive way to learn about wine with the company of your guests.  Whether you and your friends are novices and would like to be taught the basics or the group is more advanced and would like more of a challenge and go deeper into the different styles and regions; we can customize a wine tasting event to suit your desire!

The Local Cellar has experience with dinner parties, garden gatherings, food and wine pairing events, bachelorettes, fashion shows, staff appreciation events and much more. 

The initial consultation is complementary.  Within that session, the host/hostess will have the opportunity to discuss what what they envision for the event.  Will it be a casual pour and converse? Or perhaps a girls night with fun interactive games? Possibly a full course wine and food pairing dinner? Ask about our great chef and sommelier offerings.  It's all about you and your guests. The Local Cellar will tailor your needs and craft a memorable, professional experience.  

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